dinsdag 5 mei 2015

Lucy calling her mother

"[as the doctor starts to look at her stomach wound Lucy takes out her phone]
Lucy: Do you mind?
Doctor: No.
[Lucy calls her mother]
Lucy's Mother: Hello?
Lucy: Mom.
Lucy's Mother: Hey, Lucy. Baby, it's great to hear from you. But what time is it over there?
Lucy: I don't know, it's night.
Lucy's Mother: old on a sec, let me get rid of the other line.
[at the same time the doctor whispers to her]
Doctor: I'm going to have to go inside.
[Lucy nods her head and the doctor gets ready to operate on her]
Lucy's Mother: I'm back. You're not partying too much, are you? You promised me you'd look after yourself.
Lucy: I'm trying to, Mom. I am trying to.
Lucy's Mother: Well, thanks for calling out of the blue like this. Your father is gonna be sad he missed you. He isn't home from the gym yet. Usually you call us in the morning.
Lucy: Mom?
Lucy's Mother: Yes.
Lucy: I feel everything.
Lucy's Mother: What do you mean, sweetie?
Lucy: Space. The air. The vibrations. The people. I can feel the gravity. I can feel the rotation of the earth. The heat leaving my body. The blood in my veins. I can feel my brain. The deepest parts of my memory.
Lucy's Mother: Sweetie, we have a bad connection. I can't hear you so well. What did you say about memory?
Lucy: The pain in my mouth when I had braces. I...I can remember the feeling of your hand on my forehead when I ran a fever. I remember stroking the cat, it was so soft.
Lucy's Mother: The cat? What cat, honey?
Lucy: That Siamese with blue eyes and a broken tail.
Lucy's Mother: Sweetie, you can't possibly remember that. You were barely a year old.
Lucy: I remember the taste of your milk in my mouth. The room, the liquid.
Lucy's Mother: Sweetie, what are you talking about?
Lucy: I just want to tell you that I love you, mom, and dad.
Lucy's Mother: Sweetie.
Lucy: And I want to thank you for the thousand kisses that I can still feel on my face. I love you, Mom.
Lucy's Mother: I love you too, sweetie.More than anything in the world.
[at the same time the doctor pulls out the bag of drug from her stomach and Lucy ends the call to her mother]"

Fragment from Lucy (2014)

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