vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

A concise Hegelian theogony

Consider the following concise Hegelian theogony. The force of negation is the arche, that is to say, in the beginning there was nothing but the potency of negation, i.e. negation is the absolute. Now, negation needs an object to negate. Originally the only object available to negate was the operator of negation itself. Therefore negation acted upon itself. Negation negated itself. Since the force of negation was all there is, the result of negating it was total nothingness. But nothingness, no-thingness, no-thing, actually *is* negation. Therefore, by negating itself negation in fact merely affirmed itself. So it absolutized itself. In this way negation became something positive: being. This is how being originated. And subsequently being evolved. It evolved through further negations.

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