maandag 8 april 2013

Tristan Garcia

Last Saturday there was a debate at OT301 in Amsterdam between the French philosopher Tristan Garcia and the American philosopher Graham Harman. A transcript will be produced, as Harman mentions on his blog. It was something. Many people, ’70 type of underground scene, darkened room and a few spotlights. As if Foucault was visiting us. Garcia’s performance fascinated me. And I’m not really sure why. He might have new profound thoughts about ontology. I will surely check his work. Of course I should elaborate a bit more on why he made me curious enough to further explore his philosophical thinking. And indeed, I could try to reflect on some of his moving statements, such as “Anything is something, no matter what”, “Anything is something, no less, no more”, “The thing is never in-itself, but outside of itself” and “To be is not to comprise, and to comprise is not to be”. But I can’t really. Garcia was quite hard to grasp, occasionally he even seemed unintelligible. Nevertheless I did sense that he is on to something. I saw it, in his way of speaking. I saw it in his eyes. He writes novels as well I was told afterwards. Literature and ontology. Like Sartre, a young Sartre.

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Aad zei

Hoi Emanuel,
Na je enthousiaste reactie heb ik even wat gegoogled, en kwam deze pagina nog tegen;
Ik ben benieuwd, ga je een artikel over zijn werk schrijven?

Vr. gr.

Emanuel Rutten zei

Beste Aad,

Ik ga eerst aandachtig zijn boek Form and Object lezen, en mocht ik bevestigd worden in mijn vermoedens dan wil ik er zeker iets mee doen.